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“All-girls settings seem to provide girls a certain comfort level that helps them develop greater self-confidence and broader interests, especially as they approach adolescence. Research has found that single-sex schools and classes promote less-gender-polarized attitudes toward certain subjects…”
-Dr. Rosemary C. Salomone, Same, Different, Equal: Rethinking Single-Sex Schooling

“Co-educational settings are limited in their capacity to accommodate the large differences in cognitive, social and developmental growth rates of girls and boys between the ages of 12 and 16. In contrast… evidence suggests that during these key adolescent years, single-sex settings better accommodate the specific developmental needs of students.”
– Dr. Ken Rowe, Principal Research Fellow at the Australian Council for Educational Research

“Having conducted research on single-sex and co-educational schools for the past two decades, I have concluded that single-sex schools help to improve student achievement. My conclusions are based on high quality national data gathered by the National Center for Education Statistics, as well as on studies conducted around the globe.”
– Professor Cornelius Riordan, Professor of Sociology at Providence College

“When girls go to single-sex schools, they stop being the audience and become the players“

– Dr. Myra Sadker and Dr. David Sadker, American University

“ of the key arguments supporting single-sex programs is that they create an institutional and classroom climate in which female students can express themselves freely and frequently and develop higher order thinking skills
-Dr. Rosemary C. Salamone, April 2006, Columbia University’s Teacher College Record