It is the vision of TGA to develop women who:

  • Have received an excellent Torah education that prepares them for a Torah life, and provides them with skills for continued Torah self-study.
  • Develop a commitment to life-long growth, mitzvah observance, and are inspired to sense G-d in their everyday lives.
  • Have received an excellent general studies education that prepares them for entrance into college or other post high school programs, provides them with practical life-skills, and enables them to pursue the career of their choice within a Torah framework.
  • Fully appreciate the significance and beauty of Torah and who will dedicate themselves to establishing homes in which Torah study, service of G-d, charity, and kindness are the primary values.
  • Conduct themselves with modesty in deed, speech, and action and who understand the true nobility of a Jewish woman.
  • Are confident and secure with their Torah beliefs and lifestyle.
  • Respect and value all people as being created in the image of G-d.
  • Respect different hashkafos within the Torah world and embrace differences of opinion as central to the vitality of Torah.
  • Contribute to the growth and welfare of their immediate and larger communities.
  • Love Eretz Yisroel and understand its centrality in the life of the Jewish people.

Our vision for our students is a very ambitious one. In order to accomplish this vision
we turn to our Torah, our Rabbinic traditions, and to educational research and principles
for direction. Using these sources we have formulated a series of basic school principles.

Our school principles are:

  • Creation of a Torah environment, character development, and student learning, should be the primary focus of all school decisions.
  • Students model themselves after teachers who inspire them in areas of knowledge, chesed and service of G-d.
  • A school should provide a strong academic environment and challenging standards.
  • Students are valued individuals who require a variety of instructional approaches and diverse opportunities to demonstrate their achievements in learning and in other areas.
  • Co-curricular activities that promote team building, relationship skills, and ethical behavior and that encourage the student’s musical, artistic, dramatic, athletic and organizational skills are vital to the school’s mission.
  • Teachers, administrators, parents, and the community share the responsibility for advancing the school’s mission.
  • High school should be a time of fun and wonderful memories for students. At the same time, we recognize that every second of time is a wonderful gift that G-d gives to us. Accordingly, as young adults mature, they should be taught that ambition with one’s time is an exceedingly important trait. School activities and recreation should enhance the high school experience and not be the primary focus.
  • Separate gender education is critical for a Torah high school education. This is not only due to the Torah requirements of modesty, but also to allow our girls to reach their true potential without the constant social pressures presented by co-educational schooling.
  • Our Torah teaches us that there is wisdom in the world and that we can all learn important ideas and concepts from the modern world. The challenge is that, especially in our day, so much that the modern world offers us can undermine our Torah values. It is the responsibility of a Torah school to distill the positive and to avoid the negative. In addition, students should be taught how to use each of life’s tools and how and when they can engage in and grow from the world around us.
  • We believe that parents must be our foremost partners in educating our students. Therefore, it is our goal to develop the greatness of each girl within the context of their family’s circumstances and philosophy.
  • We believe that unity within our community is of paramount importance and will therefore emphasize what we all have in common, rather than what separates us.